How We Protect You

We have been working with healthcare companies like yours for over 50 years. While providing you with top talent is a key priority, we also take our partnership very seriously when it comes to protecting you. At MediQuest, we take extra steps to protect our clients from the many challenges businesses face.

As you identify staffing partners, select one that is financially stable and can help educate you and protect you against legal liability.

Face-to-Face Interviews: MediQuest is not a “resume broker.” We don’t connect clients with candidates without a face-to-face interview to assess each candidate’s professional background, education, personality, and career goals.

Wage & Hour Compliance: We’re here to guide you through the maze of wage and hour regulations including minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, exempt vs. non-exempt, meal and rest periods, etc. We update our clients on new and trending regulations that could affect their business.

Work Verification: MediQuest verifies the work history of all employees placed on assignment. We also conduct criminal background checks, education verification, job-specific skills testing, physical examinations, credit checks, and motor vehicle and drug tests, if requested by the client.

E-Verify: If you choose, MediQuest will E-Verify candidates through the Department of Homeland Security’s automated system to ensure a legal workforce.

ACA Compliance: If your staffing partner is not fully prepared to support and comply with ACA requirements, they may find themselves facing stiff penalties and unable to sustain their business. MediQuest offers ACA-compliant health insurance benefits to all of our associates, including those working part time.

Workplace Safety:MediQuest understands that human capital is the most important investment your company can make, and protecting that investment is a primary concern. That’s why we partner with our clients to develop safety awareness, safety training, and safety monitoring programs.

Joint Employer Liability: In California, under AB1897, employers who use staffing companies share liability for unpaid wages and workers’ compensation insurance. MediQuest provides peace of mind by providing a quarterly audit letter of compliance from an independent CPA firm.

Sick Time Regulations: Temps get sick leave, too, in California. Your staffing company should already have provided their temporary associates with proper notice and should have adequate record-keeping procedures in place to ensure no interruption in service.